Cash, D. W., Adger, W. N., Berkes, F., Garden, P., Lebel, L., & Olsson, P. (2006). Scale and Cross-Scale Dynamics : Governance and Information in a Multilevel World. Ecology and Society, 11(2).

A critical piece on scale and cross-scale dynamics. Addressing a multitude of important issues, such as innovations in social and environmental policy requires approaches that consider cross scale and cross level dynamics and relationships. As the challenges we see in the world today are increasingly multi-level, how we address these challenges must also be multi-level. Local solutions may not always be appropriate for international challenges, and high level scientific knowledge may not be appropriate for local, or regional specific problems. A solid example of this is global climate models that are at a resolution that is not useful to subnational decision making. For instance, how would water authorities in the Cowichan make use of ICPP projections for the Pacific Northwest?

Three common challenges faced by society include: ignorance, mismatch, and plurality. But, some common responses to address these challenges of scale and cross-scale interactions include institutional interplay, co-management, and boundary or bridging organizations.

Refer to this article for a good overview of scale and cross-scale dynamics.

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