Research question – take two

After a chat with M.W., my research question has evolved. I have taken a step back from my focus on municipal governments as the primary sub-state actor I will look at, and how they play a role in negotiations over transboundary water resources. This was a concern also for S.T., who cautioned I would find a dearth of evidence to support my hypothesis. Instead, i’ve (at least notionally) shifted my gaze to inquire about the following:

How is the emergence of transnational networks (including urban actors and networks among urban actors) changing the way transboundary water resources are governed? 

To bring in the resilience piece, I will take a step deeper within this more general line of inquiry, to ask:

And, specifically, how do the new governance networks affect the resilience of transboundary water resources?

Some deep theoretical thinking is going to be required to  work through this in more clarity, to align with my research outline to date, as well as to tie into the suggestions from both M-L and ST.

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