Goals and aspirations

What a gem from Josh’s blog, when he talks about setting goals for making a life in music. This is one i’ll have to refer back to often: (http://thebookofjubilations.tumblr.com/post/15633632996/making-a-life-in-music-vol-2-goals)

Making a timeline of goals to help keep the boat on coarse is not a bad idea. Not that we have to stick to them – as we move along, and we progress down the path, there are bound to be revelations, or challenges we face, or any number of hurdles to overcome, that will shift our priorities, our desire, and undoubtedly, our goals.  Josh suggests making 5 10-years goals, 5 5-year goals, 5 2-year goals, 5 1-year goals, 5 6-month goals, and 5 this-week goals. Im not sure i’d be able to necessarily come up with 5 for each of these, but here’s a slice to get me going:

10 years:
Be established in a job/position/career that keeps me happy and smiling
Travel often, travel happy, travel smart

5 years:
Finish this PhD!
Live in a nice, happy environment

2 years:
Conduct field research
See some cool places while im at it!

1 year:
Successfully defend research proposal
Get better at ultimate
Learn more Phish songs on the guitar

6 months:
Finish my comps
Play more ultimate
Learn more Grateful Dead songs on the guitar
Figure my shit out, figuratively speaking

1 week:
Read 7 articles from my comps list
Start the Conca book

Doesn’t seem so hard now that its all done. But, its all small, measurable steps, one after the other, that gets us there. I was thinking back to times when i’ve been hiking, and I can see people, far ahead of me, and usually far above me. It looks like a gruelling ascent before me, with promise of burning muscles and sore shoulders. But, I can see the path, and I know that focusing on the difficulties will not make them pass any sooner, nor with greater ease. The only thing to do is place one foot in front of the other, tighten the pack on my back, take a breath, and move forward. Speed is not essential, just forward movement. That is the only thing that will get us (and by us, I mean me) closer to achieving our goals. Let aspirations be what propels me, but let achieving goals be what sustains me.


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