So many roads…

This blog is dedicated to the art of writing. To tracking my progress during my PhD.  To providing me an opportunity for reflection, and a space for creativity in my writing to see the light of day (or not). Most of all, its a space where I can write for the pleasure of writing… and perhaps as a space for self indulgence of the best and worst kind.


2 Responses to So many roads…

  1. Zoe says:

    Hi Jesse, I stumbled upon your blog after searching for the tag multilevel governance (which is very strange for me, because I mostly read blogs for entertainment and it had never crossed my mind to use wordpress to access heavier/academic material). I just defended my dissertation earlier in May, and worked on industrial water pollution in the Mekong Delta, so I quite enjoyed browsing your notes on the articles covering the Mekong region, just because it refreshed my memory — once I defended I think my brain went into defensive mode and deleted all the memories I had related to the PhD — and I am kind of psyched now to start working on some articles at last. Anyway, keep posting and updating me on the state of the art. Good luck with the PhD! It’s a long road ahead but just keep driving 🙂

    • Hey Zoe – thanks for your great feedback and encouragement! I am not as active on my blog as I was when I was studying for my comprehensive exams. But, I should get back on it.

      Sounds like you have some interesting work experience in the Mekong. Is that where you focused your case study? What was your PhD thesis about?

      I’m just about to start my field research in the Columbia River basin, and hope to head to southern Africa in the spring of 2016 for more field research. I hope this part of the PhD fulfills my need to get away from the desk and books, and explore water governance in real time and in real settings. Im looking forward to it!

      Thanks again for reaching out – when I started this blog, it was meant just as a repository for my notes, and a place to vent. But very cool you stumbled upon it, and found it interesting!


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