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Pahl-wostl, A. C., Gupta, J., & Petry, D. (2008). Governance and the Global Water System : A Theoretical Exploration. Global Governance, 14(4), 419–435.

The focus of this article is global water governance, as the most recent approach to addressing water issues. Previous approaches, including local, national, and basin scales have not been replaced, but are now joined by a global scale to water … Continue reading

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Furlong, K. (2006). Hidden theories, troubled waters: International relations, the “territorial trap”, and the Southern African Development Community’s transboundary waters. Political Geography, 25(4), 438–458.

Furlong’s (2006) article critiquing the IR/IO theorizing in the international watercourses literature addresses important limitations found throughout the literature. Her main critique is on the regime approach to water discourse and the territorial trap, which obscure water realities within states … Continue reading

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