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Dore, J., Lebel, L., & Molle, F. (2012). A framework for analysing transboundary water governance complexes, illustrated in the Mekong Region. Journal of Hydrology, 466-467, 23–36

Most useful from this article are the definitions provided for a number of important concepts found throughout the water discourse literature. For instance: Water governance: understood as a social process of dialogue, negotiation and decision-making; or, instrumentally, as a means … Continue reading

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Cash, D. W., Adger, W. N., Berkes, F., Garden, P., Lebel, L., & Olsson, P. (2006). Scale and Cross-Scale Dynamics : Governance and Information in a Multilevel World. Ecology and Society, 11(2).

A critical piece on scale and cross-scale dynamics. Addressing a multitude of important issues, such as innovations in social and environmental policy requires approaches that consider cross scale and cross level dynamics and relationships. As the challenges we see in … Continue reading

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